Painting and Decorating Your Renovated Room

Once your purchased your home renovation supplies and had them properly installed, you can now start looking at painting and decorating the room. Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, a new colour scheme and fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the overall look and feel of the room.

While there are some people who can afford to hire the services of a professional interior decorator, not everyone will have the budget for this. But that doesn’t matter – you can dramatically improve your renovation through painting and decorating all through DIY methods. There is plenty of inspiration online as well as in magazines and brochures that you can look through to get ideas.

painting and decorating

Tips for DIY painting and decorating

Just like any other part of the home renovation process, if you have the budget for it, it pays to hire the services of a professional Melbourne painting contractor. They’ll be able to take care of any painting and decorating jobs with ease, as they have the best equipment and products for the job at hand. If you’re opting for the DIY approach, here’s some tips and advice to help you out:

Paint preparation

Make sure both your walls and ceiling are sufficiently clean before you start painting. Get rid of built up dirt, cobwebs and fix up any holes or dents in the wall with plastering. Tape around the wall skirtings and remove power point covers for a clean and tidy job.

The Tools

Use a nylon-bristle brush for water-based paint and natural bristles for oil-based paint. Use the right paint rollers for the job – choosing the right one will depend on the type of material you’re painting on to. Here’s some advice on choosing the right paint roller.


  • Avoid painting in very hot or cold temperatures (this can affect the paint application)
  • Ensure paint is stirred sufficiently
  • Paint evenly
  • Apply an undercoat and topcoat