Home Cleaning After the Big Renovation

Once your renovation is complete, it’s time to start the big clean up. It’s a given that after any renovation, there’s going to be scrap building materials and other bits of rubbish on the property, so you’ll need to ensure that everything is disposed of properly and safely. It’s important everything is cleaned out before you start to bringing in new furniture and definitely before you start decorating.

Take a look below at the different ways to go about home cleaning after your big renovation project.

Home Renovation Cleaning

Cleaning out rubbish

If there’s a bunch of building waste left over from your renovation, you’ll need to have it disposed of safely. If you don’t have the a trailer or anything to transport the rubbish to your local dump, consider hiring the services of a local Melbourne rubbish removal company. They can come to your house, fill up a skip or container with the rubbish and remove it normally within the same day.


Can any of the building waste be recycled? Are you clearing out some of your house contents during the renovation? Anything that can be recycled, should be recycled. Whether it’s old books, used toys or some leftover timber, there’s generally an option available to have it recycled. Here’s a list of things you can put out in your weekly recycling bin.

Cleaning the rooms

Each of the rooms that have been worked on should be properly cleaned before putting anything new in there – that includes, vacuuming, dusting and general wiping down of all surfaces. It should be simple and straightforward to clean the rooms yourself, otherwise you can always hire a professional Melbourne cleaning company to take care of it for you.